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Release Party

2017 Pinot Noir from Trout Lilly Vineyards 

Friday, October 19th & Saturday, October 20th

Angie has named this wine :“The Wine Witch,” because that is who she turns into during harvest! For those of you who pre-purchased this wine  - it will be available for pick up.  We will also have extra wine to sell for those of you who still need to own a few bottles.

The event will be catered.  There will be multiple "tapas" to accentuate the wine. The Party will be held at the Inn in Hidden Springs.  We have rented a large suite, on Friday and Saturday night.

The Details...

  • 2 tickets are included with your case purchase.

  • For those are just attending the tickets will be $25 per person.

  • The Inn at Hidden Springs has lovely suites. Check them out here:

  • On Alaska Airlines, cases of wine fly free!

For more recommendations, please email Angie: