How Do You Celebrate Progress in Your Life?

I started thinking about this, then started dreaming about this, then started a spreadsheet about this. And this led me to money. Is that really how I celebrate progress?

I've always been a goal-oriented person. Life goals have in the past always related to work; in my younger years, I never stopped to think about why I set the big goals. In retrospect, it's clearer now. Last night my dream represented my spiritual side, as the people in the dream have all been part of my journey. When I awoke at 5:00am and started a spreadsheet on my income goals, it felt a little better but not quite right. It is NOT just about the money!

Aha! Money is a necessary tool for life...but just a tool. It helps fund the experiences we create for our families and friends, but it's not the experience. It helps fund the cabin in the woods, but it's not the cabin. It helps fund meals with family, but it's not the food or the family. Money is a tool to fund amazing, fun experiences with others and to share with others, but it's not the experience. What do we take with us when we leave this life? LOVE. Got it, connection made, money helps me express my love to the people most important to me.  

The spreadsheet will help, but it's not the answer. It's just a guide to help me reach my life goals of fantastic experiences with amazing people and to love more deeply than ever before.