Angela Shaltry

It all started when...

I was running my own winery, a dream I finally achieved after earning 2 science degrees and working in the California wine industry with the one of the world’s best winemakers. My small family and I left California, moved to Idaho, and in 2007 I started a winery. 

As the years went by, I became more and more stressed by the financial obligations of not only making the wine but running the business. At some point during 2012, I understood I would not be able to pay back the investors.

I felt I had FAILED myself and the wonderful people who had faith in my passion, a passion that was extinguished once I saw the writing on the wall. I had three young boys, had recently gone through a divorce, was supporting myself from the winery, and was in complete overwhelm. Yet, I kept hanging on to this sinking ship. I wasn't ready to shut down the winery – I had too much invested emotionally, physically, and financially. I was stubborn.

Then God gave me a SMACKDOWN. Brain cancer. Well, that stopped me in my tracks. A biopsy, brain surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, literally having to relearn how to cook. Not being able to drive my kids for almost 2 years because of the seizures. I was grateful for the support I had and all the work I had done presurgery, but holy moly. 

I realized I NEEDED to close the winery. It was too much work – it was physically too hard. And with 1/8 of my brain removed, running the winery alone was impossible. I wasn't making enough money to survive, let alone support my family as a single mother. I was not taking care of my children in the right way. I was causing myself too much stress. During my recovery I did a ton of personal development work and now have a much better outlook.

In July of 2017,  "I really miss making wine, can I raise the money to make a vintage?"  I immediately sent out an email requesting people purchasing cases of wine to fund the 2017 Harvest and it happened!  Here I am today writing on this website because of the amazing people who believe in me and my passion.  I look forward to presenting this wine to you.


Thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible.